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What is IDBI – Industrial Development Bank of India?

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The Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) is a government-owned financial institution in India. It was established in 1964 by an act of Parliament to provide financing for the development of industries in India. IDBI provides both short-term and long-term finance for industrial projects through its loans and equity investment programs. It also offers other services such as leasing, factoring, and venture capital financing. IDBI has played a major role in the development of many industries in India, including the steel, automobile, and textiles sectors.

IDBI is a government-owned bank in India that was established in 1964

IDBI Bank, India’s premier development-oriented bank, was established in 1964 under an act of Parliament. It remains the only public sector bank to be completely owned by the Government of India and has been playing a key role in India’s economic development by providing financial assistance to various sectors including agriculture, industry, and infrastructure. With a market capitalization of approximately Rs 75000 crore and network of branches spanning across nearly all states in India, IDBI is truly a comprehensive banking institution that caters to all sections of society.

Its expertise and customer centric approach allows it to offer non-standard services such as specialized projects finance schemes tailored to customer requirements. By doing so, it has helped spur growth for scores of enterprises around the country – both big and small.

The bank provides financial assistance to industrial projects in the form of loans and equity investments

The bank is proud to offer several financial assistance programs to those seeking to begin industrial projects. These services are provided in the form of loans and equity investments, depending on the needs of the particular project. Loans may be provided for a specified period, with flexible repayment schedules and competitive interest rates, while equity investments can help boost active capital and provide long term funding options. By partnering with the bank, customers have access to helpful advisors who understand their unique financial needs and goals. Working together, customers can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible.

IDBI also offers deposit products, such as savings accounts and fixed deposits, to retail customers

IDBI provides a range of deposit products tailored to cater to the needs of individual customers. Among these deposit products are savings accounts – characterized by their high liquidity and low-entry barriers – as well as fixed deposits –which come with greater interest rates but require a commitment of an initial lump sum amount. Whatever your preferred product is, IDBI offers competitive terms, helping you grow your wealth in a secure and rewarding manner.

The bank has over 2,000 branches across India and about 10,000 employees

With over 2,000 branches across India, this bank is one of the largest in the Indian banking space. With a presence in almost every city and state, this bank provides its customers with convenient access to banking services across the region. Its expansive network is powered by its comprehensive team comprising of nearly 10,000 employees – each of whom is equipped with expertise and experience to ensure customer satisfaction on each transaction. Along with providing quality customer service, this bank also offers an extensive range of products and services that makes it a preferred banking choice for many people.

In 2017, IDBI was ranked as the 11th largest development bank in the world by The Banker magazine

IDBI, the Industrial Development Bank of India, has established a standing as one of the leading global development banks. In 2017, The Banker magazine ranked it as the 11th largest out of 60 international development banks. While this accomplishment is impressive in its own right, IDBI has not been content with remaining static. Through multi-sector initiatives designed to support priority sectors like renewable energy and health care, the bank plans to drive forward further innovation and development across industries.

This ambition continues to be realized by their social and financial contribution via financial counseling and insurance policy guidance. As IDBI remains committed to its main mission of helping retired servicemen and families, among others, it looks forward to taking a bigger seat at the table of world-leading lenders. IDBI is one of the leading development bank in India that provides comprehensives solutions for all banking requirements.

The Bank has over 2,000 branches across India and about 10,000 employees serving millions of customers. IDBI offers a wide range of products and services such as loans, equity investments, deposits, savings accounts, and fixed deposit to meet the financial needs of both retail and corporate customers. If you are looking for a reliable and reputed bank for your financial requirements, IDBI should be your first choice.

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