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Temples in Tonk

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Bisaldeo Temple & Bisalpur Dam

Bisalpur, formerly known as Vigrahapura, was established in the 12th century A.D by Chahamana ruler Vigraharaja IV. The city is of importance due to its temple of Gokarnesvara, which was constructed by one of Vigraharaja’s devoted followers, Visala. This 22.20 m x 15.30 m hallowed structure consists of a pancharatha sanctum, antarala, and mandapa as well as a portico with an sikhara – a hemispherical dome constructed on eight tall pillars.

Bisaldeo temple | en.shivira

Carved at their lower sections with floral festoons, chain-and-bell motifs and circular medallions, they surround the linga enshrined within the sanctum. Bisalpur is remarkable evidence of the ancient civilization that preceded it – Vanapura, where Takshakas or Nagas from Todarai Singh reigned supreme The earliest known visit of pilgrims to the area is recorded in an inscription dated A.D. 1154-65. This short inscription is significant for mentioning Prithviraja III, a Chahamana chief, said to have been the ruler and protector of Mewar during the 12th century.

Archaeologists believe that this is one of the clearest records from medieval India which confirms his social status as a sovereign chieftain reigning over much of northern India. The existence and wealth of such rulers – royal and otherwise – are further substantiated by several inscriptions spanning centuries throughout the region, showing that many people made pilgrimages to the various shrines throughout this period.

Diggi Kalyan Ji Temple

This majestic temple is a true testament to the incredible feats of architecture of days gone by. With its fabulous antiquity, visitors can truly appreciate the remarkable level of craftsmanship that has gone into building it. The pinnacle of the temple has become a sight to be marveled at with its 16 pillars and aura from the statuettes incurved onto them. It is further accentuated by the immaculate marbled inner chambers, Jagmohan and Sanctum Sanctorum along with exquisite figures carefully crafted onto the front gateway.

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Adjacent to this old temple stands another attractive attraction – The Laxmi Narayan Ji Temple – which adds an additional spiritual appeal for guests to enjoy.

Jaldevi Temple

Jaldevi01 | en.shivira

The Jaldevi temple is a unique and fascinating site for many to visit. Located in the Bavadi village, near Todaraisingh city in Tonk, Rajasthan, the temple is dedicated to Jal Devi and holds a great amount of spiritual significance. Said to be nearly 250 years old, an interesting local belief regards the presence of its idol in a well before it was placed formally in the temple. Once every year, during Chaitra Purnima, visitors flock from far and wide to witness the three-day fair held at this sacred spot that is filled with entertaining activities and vibrant cultural performances. Thus, making it one of the most popular events celebrated here!

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