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Temples in Sawai Madhopur

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Chamatkar Ji Temple

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The Chamatkaarji Temple is a vibrant addition to the Sawai Madhopur city skyline and is located right off the main road at the railway station. Each year, devotees and travellers alike flock to the temple on Sharad Poornima for its annual fare. This temple is particularly well-known for its various miracles, attributed to the deity it enshrines – chamatkaarji, meaning “he who performs miracles”. The awe-inspiring intrepid faith of visitors from in and outside of India make this temple an enchanting destination. So come, experience the vibrancy of this beautiful temple as you wait your turn for a miracle!

Kala Gaura Bhairav ​​Temple

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Drawing thousands of devotees from all over the country, Kala Gaura Bhairav ​​Temple in Sawai Madhopur is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Bhairav and is renowned for its tantrik kriyas. The temple lies on a hill-top in the city center and has been visited by many mystics who believe that you can make a wish here only to have it fulfilled. Inside the temple there are idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha besides that of the main lord Kala Bhairav. Interestingly, unlike other Hindu temples where main deity is installed at inner sanctums, this temple with its unique setting has main deity installed right at the entrance itself. Adding more historical flavor to it, King Hammir was said to have visited this temple before his war with Alaud-din-Khilji and had made a wish asking for victory. As fate would have it he won battle edging out all obstacles following which he devoted everything he owned to lord Kala Bhairav as an offering.

Ghushmeshwar Temple

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Relic of an ancient time, the Ghushmeshwar Temple is steeped in myth and legend. As believed by devotees, it is the 12th Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva, worshipped since ancient times. Of all the stories associated with this temple, the most prominent one revolves around Lord Shiva resurrecting the son of a devoted woman named Ghusma. Overcome with gratitude for her faith rewarded, Ghusma named Devagiri hills as Ghushmeshwar after her name; and even today we find that Lord Shiva abides here as Ghushmeshwar. Situated at Siwar village in Sawai Madhopur, this temple holds a special place among pilgrims and brings alive an eon-old mythology in modern times.

Amreshwar Mahadev

amareshwar mahadeo temple | en.shivira

If you’re looking to find some spiritual solace and commune with the gods on your journey to Ranthambore National Park, then look no further than the awe inspiring Amreshwar Mahadev temple. Nestled amidst the high hills of the region, this temple is a representation of 12 Jyotir Lingas and an 11ft high Shivling that serves as a beacon for devotees from far and wide who come here to pay homage to Lord Mahadev. Experience timelessness in its serene crannies, recuperate from all fatigue in its peaceful environs, or bask in the sheer grandeur of its vibrant sculptures – this temple affords many opportunities for spiritual exploration and deeper understanding. A trip here guarantees both purification and erudition – it truly is an experience every religious enthusiast must not miss!

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