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Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship 2023: How to Apply and the Deadline

Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship 2023: How to Apply and the Deadline

Scholarships are given by well-known groups to help students make up for their flaws and continue their education without having to worry about money. By reading the article below, you can find out about the new Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship for 2023. Here are the details about the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship, including who is eligible and how to apply step by step.

About the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship 2023

The Tata Steel Corporation will offer scholarships to students in India who are taking technical courses at well-known universities. This scholarship scheme will give the candidate a one-time payment of 10,000 Rupees. You can apply for the scholarship by going to the Tata Steel India organization’s official website. Only the top 5 students in the class will get the scholarship.

Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship Information

  • Name
  • Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship for 2023
  • Launched by the Tata Steel Corporation, the goal was to give away 10,000 Rupees to people taking technical courses.
  • Official sitetslhr.tatasteel.co.in

Scholarship Types

There are the following kinds of scholarships available at this school:

Section A

  • Under this category, scholarships will be given to students who have been accepted through Joint Entrance Exams to B.Tech./Degree in Engg. courses in IITs/IT BHU/ISM Dhanbad/PGDM courses in IIMs/XLRI (two years) or from the institutions.
  • The winners will receive a scholarship worth Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand) per year.
  • Students in the colleges who are taking MBBS (which takes 4.5 years) are also included.
  • Internship pay will not be given to MBBS students.
  • Under Category A, there are a total of 120 scholarships with numbers.

Group B:

  • Under this category, the scholarship will not be given to anyone taking a course by mail.
  • Under this category, this scholarship will be given to people who have been accepted into any of the professional courses at the institutions listed below.
  • There will be 360 scholarships given to the applicants. out of 240 are given to students in the B category.
  • In Category B, Rs. 24000/- (twenty-four thousand) per year will be given out as scholarships.

Discipline Details

The following fields will be covered by the scholarships:

  • Integrated degree course in medicine or engineering, which includes extension centres of BITS Pilani and BIT Mesra.
  • Postgraduate studies in engineering, medicine, computer sciences, business management, personnel management, agriculture science, biotechnology, biochemistry, information technology, and B.Sc. hospitality and hotel management.
  • Diploma course in any area of engineering
  • Hotel management and catering, as well as fashion technology, can be studied for a degree or a full-time diploma.
  • 5 years Five-year integrated course in law leading to a bachelor’s degree.

Information about institutions offering Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship

In this plan, the scholarship will only be given to students at the following schools:

Admission to the above fields should only be possible at colleges and universities that meet the following requirements:

  • Are connected to a well-known University
  • Are autonomous institutions or “deemed universities” with official recognition from groups like AICTE and a competitive selection process that takes place all over India?
  • For studies in hotel management, catering, and fashion technology, the campus of the National College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (N CHM & CT) or institutions of Catering Management set up by the Taj Group, the Oberoi Group, ITC Welcome Group, and ITDC Group of Hotels would be looked at.

Criteria for eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must meet the following rules:

  • Tata Steel Millennium Scholarships can be given to the children and spouses of all current employees and supervisors of the Company.
  • Sons, daughters, and spouses of retired company workers, officers, and supervisors, including those who left under ESS, MSS, EFBS, and FBS.
  • Sons, daughters, and spouses of Tata Steel workers and supervisors who were transferred to JUSCO.
  • These people can apply for the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship if they get into one of the full-time and regular courses listed below in the academic year 2021-22.
  • Those who are taking classes through the mail can’t apply for the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship.
  • In each category of the scholarship scheme, 10% of the seats are set aside or reserved for SC/ST candidates.
  • For students in the General Category, they must have gotten at least a 60% on their last qualifying exam, while SC/ST students must have gotten at least a 50%.
  • For a student to get a scholarship for the next part of their studies, they must get at least 50% or the equivalent in all of their classes.
  • Under this Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship, a maximum of two scholarships will be given to the children of employees or former employees.

Information about the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship Awards

In this scholarship, the following prizes will be given to the winners:

  • Based on the results of their final year annual exams, the top five students in each of the four fields at RD Tata Technical Institute will each receive a one-time payment of Rs. 10,000.
  • In this category, the person does not have to fill out an application. The Institute sent the list of students who had done well right away.

Required Documents

When they fill out the application form, candidates must include the following documents:

  • Copy of the original score sheet from the most recent qualifying exam
  • One photo the size of a passport for Part A of the form. A copy of the receipt for the Tuition Fee Service Certificate. Copy of Bank Pass Book in case of ESS/Retired/MSS/EFBS/FBS Handicapped Certificate: Copy A copy made by the government or a copy of the medical service book

Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship Application Process

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link here to go to the scholarship’s official website.
  • The scholarship’s home page will pop up on your screen.

Website for the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship

  • Choose the option that says Current Opening.
  • Choose the option for the Tata Steel Millennium Scholarship.
  • If you click on the notification, you can look at the Official Notification.
  • The message about the scholarship will show up on the screen.

Notices from the government

  • Now you have to click on the button that says “Click Here to Apply Online.”

You can apply online.

  • Your screen will show you the application form.
  • Fill out the form to apply.
  • You can successfully apply for the scholarship by uploading the documents.
  • Get a copy of the application form that was sent in.
  • Attach all of the required documents to the application form and bring it to the Office of the Employment Bureau before the deadline, which will be announced soon.

What you need to know

In order to apply for the scholarship, the candidates must follow the following rules:

  • A committee will look at all the applications that are sent in. This committee will decide if a candidate should get the scholarship or not.
  • The committee’s decision will be the only one that counts.
  • Candidates for the Tata Millennium Scholarship 2020 who already have a scholarship from another college or institution will not be considered.
  • Students had to get at least 60% on their last qualifying exam (50% for SC/ST candidates) to get the scholarship.
  • Students who get into a school after passing a selection process that is open to all of India will be considered for a scholarship. To prove this, the applicants should include a copy of their entrance exam admit card.

Check Results

  • Open the scholarship’s official website.
  • The website’s home page will show up on the screen.
  • Click on the option for Results.
  • There will be a new page.
  • Enter the rest of the information and you’ll get the results.

The Dos and Don’ts

  • The person applying must have a valid, registered phone number that will still work in the days to come.
  • The applicant must have an email address that works and is valid.
  • Don’t wait until the last day to try to get a scholarship.
  • Don’t send scholarship forms from your cell phone.
  • Before applying for a scholarship, make sure you meet the requirements.
  • Check the details of the application form carefully before sending it in.
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to fill out an application form.
  • Include the right files with the form.
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