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Sanskrit Scholarship 2023: Apply Online, Key Features, and Eligibility

Sanskrit Scholarship 2023: Apply Online, Key Features, and Eligibility

The Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan is in charge of the Sanskrit Scholarship programme, which is run by the Indian government. This scholarship programme is for students in 9th through 12th grade, as well as those in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. programmes. Those who are interested and are studying Sanskrit in school can benefit from this scheme. Read this article carefully to find out more about the Sanskrit Scholarship 2023, including what you need to do to be eligible, how to apply, how the winners will be chosen, and other important information.

What is the study of Sanskrit?

The Indian government is looking for students who are taking Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit as a main or optional subject so that they can give them a Sanskrit Scholarship. For each class or level, the scholarship can last anywhere from 10 months to two years. The number of scholarships given to students is based on how much money is available. The goal of this plan is to improve the teaching of Sanskrit. Once the process of filling out the application form starts, students can send in their online application. Check out the rest of the article for more information.

Some highlights of studying Sanskrit

  • Sanskrit Scholarship is the name of the plan.
  • Launched by: The Indian government
  • Managed by: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Central Sanskrit University)
  • Students: the target audience
  • The benefits are:
  • The only way to apply is online. The official website is www.sanskrit.nic.in.

The Goal of Learning Sanskrit

The goal of the Sanskrit Scholarship, which is run by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, is to help people learn Sanskrit.

  • Support the teaching of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit.
  • Help students who choose Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit as their main subject or as an extra one.
  • Encourage the student to go to a higher level of schooling to learn Sanskrit.

How Long Does a Sanskrit Scholarship Last?

  • Class 9/Purva-Madhyama first year is 10 months long.
  • The first year of Class 10/Purva-Madhyama is 10 months.
  • Class 11/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year/10 months
  • Class 12/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year
  • Ten months
  • B.A./B.A. (Hons)/shastri-first year and 10 months
  • B.A./B.A. (Hons)/shastri-second year and 10 months
  • B.A./B.A. (Hons)/shastri-third year and 10 months
  • Acharya/M.A. first year (ten months)
  • Acharya/M.A. second year/ten months
  • Vidyavaridhi/PhD2 years

The Benefits of Learning Sanskrit

  • Course Cost Class 9/Purva-Madhyama first yearINR 500 per month
  • First year of Class 10/Purva-Madhyama: INR 500 per month
  • Class 11/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year
  • 600 INR a month
  • Class 12/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year
  • 600 INR a month
  • First year B.A./B.A. (Hons.)/Shastri: INR 800 per month
  • INR 800 per month for B.A./B.A. (Hons.)/Shastri second year
  • INR 800 per month for BA/BA (Hons)/Shastri third year
  • Acharya/M.A. first year: INR 1,000 a month
  • Acharya/second year of M.A.
  • 1000 INR a month
  • Vidyavaridhi/PhDINR 2500 a month

method of choosing

  • Scholarships will be given out based on what the committee that makes the choices says should happen.
  • The committee’s suggestions will be put in front of GIAC for final approval.
  • Officials will make a list of the winners based on the percentage of students who didn’t make the cut in the previous classes.
  • Aspirants will get a certain amount of money based on the course they want to take.

Criteria for eligibility

Applicants must have passed the qualifying exam and be studying Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit as a main or elective subject in their course or class. Exam for the Course The first year of Class 9/Purva-Madhyama Annual test for grade 8 with a score of 60% Class 10 or the first year of Purva-Madhyama Annual test for grade 9 with a score of 60% Class 11/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year 60% on the Class 10 exam Class 12/Uttar Madhyama/Prak-Shastri second/second year Annual test for grade 11 with a score of 60% B.A., B.A. (Hons. ), or shastri-first year 60% on the 10+2 board B.A., B.A. (Hons. ), or shastri-second year Shastri/ B.A/ B.A (Hons) first year exam with 60% marks B.A/ B.A (Hons)/ shastri-third year Shastri/B.A/B.A. (Hons) second-year exam with a score of 60% Acharya/first year of M.A. Graduation with a score of 60% Acharya/second year of M.A. Acharya/M.A. first-year student with a score of 60% Vidyavaridhi/PhD in Sanskrit with 60% marks

How to Apply for a Sanskrit Scholarship for 2022-23

  • Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan’s website is the place where people who want to apply should go (Central Sanskrit University)
  • You have to go to the schemes option from the portal’s home page.
  • On the computer screen, a list of alerts will pop up. Click on the right link.
  • If you click the link that says “Apply online,” the form will open on the screen.
  • Fill out the application form by writing your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, category, and other information.
  • Look over the application form and click the button to send it.
  • Get a copy of the form on paper so you can use it again.

Note: You don’t have to send in a hard copy of the form. Just fill out the online form.

Important Dates

  • Soon, people will be able to fill out online application forms.
  • The last day to send in an application will be changed in the future.

How to get in touch

  • General Enquiry (E-PABX): 011-28524993, 011-28524995,

What you need to know

Those who want to apply for the Sanskrit scholarship need to look over the rules and regulations.

  • The applicant must have gotten at least 60% (General), 55% (OBC), and 50% (SC/ST/Divine Body) or an equivalent grade in the previous academic standard.
  • Those who want to study further must choose Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit as their main or optional subject.
  • Those who want to get the scholarship must apply again. It doesn’t automatically keep going into the next school year.
  • You shouldn’t have to send any documents by mail or any other way.
  • For money transfers, students need to open an account at a nationalised bank, like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank, Canara Bank, or Union Bank of India.
  • The Aadhar number must be linked to the bank account.
  • The amount of the scholarship will be paid on July 1 of each school year.
  • Students who already get a scholarship won’t be able to benefit from this programme.
  • Students who get paid jobs while they are on a scholarship won’t be able to use the money from the scholarship.
  • Students in any other course of study that doesn’t include Sanskrit won’t be able to take advantage of this scheme.

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