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Rajasthan Education Services Rules

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At a meeting led by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers decided that the Rajasthan Educational State and Subordinate Services Rules 2021 would be made once the important changes to the Rajasthan Education Services Rules were approved. From what we know, this is the first change to these rules in the 60 years since they were written down. More than 4 lakh people who work in education will directly benefit from these changes, which are mostly about making things easier in the School Education Department. Also, there will no longer be a need for separate rules for education services and subordinate services, since both sets of rules have been put into one document. All in all, this turns out to be a very good choice for the education system in Rajasthan.

Council of Ministers meeting decisions

On Wednesday, important decisions about education were made at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which was led by Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot. When the Rajasthan Educational Service Rules are changed for the first time in 50 years, it will be good for more than 4 lakh people. By combining the Rajasthan Education Service Rules of 1970 and the Rajasthan Subordinate Education Service Rules of 1971, new opportunities for promotions through linear channelling will become available. This big change has set off a chain reaction that will stop any fights between different cadres and also make the education system in Rajasthan stronger as a whole. It is a very exciting time!

Education Minister felicitated by teachers on Rajasthan Education Service rule change

When the teachers of the Rajasthan Education Service Corporations heard about the changes that were going to be made, they were happy. The representatives showed gratitude and respect for Honorable Education Minister Shri Govind Singh Dotasara by giving him a turban and a flower garland. The teachers were shocked when they heard about the changes that are supposed to make education better in the state. They thanked Shri Govind Singh Dotasara for all he had done and thanked them from the bottom of their hearts for letting them speak up and help make positive changes in the education sector.

Important changes in Rajasthan Education Service Rules

Recently, the Department of Education made some changes to the rules for promotions and qualifications for jobs in the education system. In order to become an Additional Director or a Joint Director, you now need at least four years of experience and a year in a lower position. Also, for District Education Officer jobs, 50 percent of them are now filled through promotion instead of direct hiring. Also, the ratio has changed for people who want to move up from lecturer or headmaster to principal or a similar position.

It used to be 67:33, but now it’s 80:20. Lastly, headmasters must now have a post-graduate degree in addition to their bachelor’s degree. With these new changes, there are sure to be new ways to grow in this field soon. Recently, the Indian government made a number of changes that will affect how lecturers are hired and promoted. For these jobs, you will now need a post-graduate degree in the same field as your undergraduate degree.

Also, the position of Lecturer of Physical Education has been made permanent, and the ban on hiring and promoting directly to the position of Librarian Road II has been lifted. Also, the National Council for Teacher Education has changed the requirements for Librarian Grades II and III (NCTE). All of these changes are made to make sure that only people with the right education are chosen for these jobs and allowed to teach.

After the requirement of three years of service was removed for the setup change from 6D to 3rd grade teachers, Principal and Lecturer cadres met with the Honorable Minister of State for Education (Independent Charge) and Honorable Chief Minister at their respective offices. From the point of view that was given, it was clear that an 80:20 ratio was needed to move from Lecturer (1-12) or Headmaster (1-34) to Principal (1-16), with a minimum pass rate of 40 percent. The idea of making these rules less strict was also talked about.

This was a big step toward a positive change in the way academic policies are set up. The Honorable Minister of State for Education agreed to change the promotion ratio for Principal positions to 80:20 on a one-time basis after talking with the Finance Department and getting approval from the Cabinet. This will give both cadres more chances for promotion than the current 67:33 ratio or the proposed 80:20 ratio. It will also help solve problems that affect both cadres and strengthen the department.

In the end, this move will mean that both cadres will be combined into one. With the new promotion policy that is being put into place in the department, both lecturers and vice principals will have many chances to move up. With an 80:20 split in the One-time DPC, 3600 new posts will be considered for promotion. This will make sure that promotions go smoothly and in a straight line, and that there is no more conflict between cadres than is necessary. So, lecturers can go straight from their current jobs to becoming Vice Principals.

This gives them more chances to move up in their careers. Also, this system will encourage more than the already set number of promotions. This will make sure that everyone can move up without discrimination or favouritism. In a big step to improve education, the government has said that it will add Deputy Principal positions to 12,400 government higher secondary schools. So, out of the 3600 Government Secondary Schools, 1320 headmasters will be promoted to the position of principal through a one-time Direct Recruitment Committee (DPC) with an 80:20 rule, and the rest will be appointed as deputy principals.

A move like this is likely to make these schools’ administrations much more organised and efficient, which will help students in the long run. Recently, 5280 lecturers were moved up from the lecturer cadre to become vice principals. This is a very interesting change. A one-time Direct Promotion Committee will consider these would-be Vice Principals for the position of Principal. Also, 8020 of these positions will be filled, and the remaining 10000 could get promotions with extra benefits. This is a great chance for any teachers in the lecturer cadre who want to go further in their teaching careers.

Benefits to teachers due to change in Rajasthan education service rules

This week, the cabinet finally updated the educational service rules in Rajasthan. They had been out of date for almost 50 years. This goes a long way toward making it easier for people in higher positions, like principals and lecturers, to move up. Many teams and organisations were worried about the inconsistencies in the old education service rules from 1970 and 1971, which led to the finalisation of the Rajasthan Educational State and Subordinate Services Rules-2021.

Due to their complexity, the old laws were completely replaced by the new ones, which brought about several necessary changes that fit with the times. People who work with Rajasthan’s educational systems every day are very happy about this approval. The hard work of revising the service rules has been going on for a few years now. Because of this, the Honorable Minister of State for Education has asked that these rules be held in line with what is best for the teachers.

In response to such a great compliment, the Honorable Chief Minister of the Public Welfare Government gave his approval from their cabinet for these changed service rules. With these new rules, many cadres that had been held back because they didn’t have any new service rules will be able to move up again. It will be interesting to see what else comes out of this big reform and how it fits with any other rules that may come up about education.

The government of Rajasthan wants to make schools and offices better places to learn and run by giving them better rules and services. By putting officers in higher positions in the education department, they hope to make inspections, collecting information, and other tasks go more quickly. In addition to this, the old service rules will be changed so that there is more transparency and accountability across the board. If you want to learn more about the new rules, you can go to the official website of the Government of Rajasthan, which is a reliable source of information.

Government of Rajasthan Information and Public Relations Department.

Many people in Rajasthan use Shivira.com to find the most up-to-date and accurate information about things like education, health, and entertainment. Even though Shivira works hard to keep its content at a high level of quality, it’s important for readers to check the official website of the Rajasthan School Education Department for official updates they can trust. By doing this, you can make sure that any decisions you make based on what you read come from reliable official sources. So, even if Shivira is your go-to source for news and articles, don’t forget to check with the original source!

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