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CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023: Online Form, Qualifications, and Salary

CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023: Online Form, Qualifications, and Salary

CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023 CSIR was one of the first organisations in the country to help with R&D. With the Department of Commerce Resolution No. 148.Ind.(157)/41, dated September 26, 1942, it began giving extramural research support to scientists working in universities and R&D institutions as early as 1943. This was done through “Research Schemes.”

Over the years, CSIR has started a number of programmes to help students pursue their research interests in different areas of science and technology. The CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for JRF and Eligibility for Lectureship is the most well-known of these programmes. The role that CSIR plays in developing S&T human resources is important.

The Department of Commerce Resolution No. 148.Ind.(157)/41 from September 26, 1942 says that one of the Council’s jobs is to give out research grants. At the moment, CSIR is helping a lot of research fellows and associates do doctoral and postdoctoral research in universities and R&D institutions all over the country.

What Does CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023 Mean?

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India is one of the largest publicly funded R&D organisations in the world. It is the best national R&D organisation in India. Nationally, CSIR’s pioneering and long-term contributions to S&T human resource development are praised. Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), which is part of CSIR, works toward this goal by offering grants, fellowships, and other programmes.

Human Resource Development Group has done a lot to create a society that asks questions and a knowledge economy that is growing quickly. Many scientists are included in these many plans. In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about the scholarship, including its goal, benefits, eligibility requirements, how to apply, and much more.

Scientist’s Best Points

  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Human Resource Development Group
  • CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023 is the name of the programme.
  • Objective
  • It started helping scientists in universities and R&D institutions do research outside of their own institutions.
  • Benefits
  • Provides financial assistance to superannuated scientist

Criteria for eligibility

  • A scientist who is known to be an expert in his or her field
  • Deadline
  • Soon Get an UpdateOfficial Website
  • https://csirhrdg.res.in/

What CSIR Emeritus Scientist Wants to Do

  • The main goal of the CSIR Emeritus Scientist programme is to increase the number of well-qualified, highly specialised scientists, engineers, and technologists for research and development in all areas of Science and Technology in the country.
  • To have an integrated plan for developing the science, engineering, and technology skills of the nation’s people by encouraging and promoting research in universities and other places of higher education.
  • To put money into basic and cross-disciplinary research that points to the high-tech technologies of the future.

What a CSIR Emeritus Scientist Can Do for You

  • The grant includes: I Scientist Allowance of Rs.20,000/- per month to the Emeritus Scientist (ES) for the duration of his/her tenure, (ii) suitable contingent grant per year, and (iii) technical assistance in the form of research fellows/associates.
  • First and second year
  • 3rd & Subsequent year
  • JRFRs-31000/-Rs-35000/-SRFRs-35000/-Rs-35000/-RA
  • The total pay will be divided into three categories based on qualifications and experience: Rs-47000/-Rs-49000/-Rs-54000/- The total pay will be divided into three categories based on qualifications and experience: Rs-47000/-Rs-49000/-Rs-54000/-

Criteria for eligibility

  • A scientist can get a grant from this programme if he or she is a well-known expert in their field and has been actively doing scientific research for the five years before they retire.
  • Under the scheme, the scientist will be chosen based on the quality of his publications, including those from the last five years before he retires, and the honours and awards he has won.

Documents Required

As soon as CSIR gets the letter of approval, the following documents must be sent to them:

  • A statement from the ES, signed by the head of the department or institution, that the work that will be done under the CSIR-approved scheme is not being paid for by any other aid organisation.
  • A written agreement on Rs. 10/- non-judicial stamp paper in Form-A. (each page duly signed by ES)
  • When the RBI EFT Form will start (Form-K).

Important Dates

Submitting a new attendance certificate in the new FMS will be updated soon.

How to apply to be a CSIR Emeritus Scientist in 2023

  • The applicant starts by going to the CSIR Emeritus Scientist 2023 website.
  • Your screen will show you the homepage, which has all the information you need about the programme.
  • Now scroll down to the “Forms” link and click on it.
  • Now, you’ll see the forms on your screen. Where you have to choose the form that works best for you and fill in all the necessary information and documents.
  • After putting in all the right information, click the “Submit” button to send the application form.

Contact Details

Human Resource Development Group CSIR Complex, Library Avenue, Pusa New Delhi 110 012 India Email: [email protected] Fax: +91 – 011 – 2584 0887 EPABX Lines: +91 – 011 – 25841582, 25841492, 25842493, 25841701, 25842729

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