Birth Chart Analysis of Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, was born on October 28, 1955, at 10:00 PM in Seattle, Washington. His birth chart, also known as a natal chart, provides a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of his birth. The analysis of his birth chart can provide insights into his personality, career, and life events.

Zodiac Signs and Planetary Positions

– Sun Sign: Scorpio

– Moon Sign: Aries

– Ascendant (Rising Sign): Gemini

Key Aspects of Bill Gates’ Birth Chart

1. Gemini Ascendant: As a Gemini rising, Bill Gates is known for his intelligence, quick thinking, and adaptability. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, which has a strong influence on his personality and career.

2. Sun in Scorpio: With his Sun in Scorpio, Gates is known for his intensity, determination, and ability to transform and reinvent himself. Scorpios are also known for their resourcefulness and resilience, which have contributed to Gates’ success in the business world.

3. Moon in Aries: The Moon in Aries indicates that Gates is a passionate and driven individual, with a strong desire to take initiative and lead. This placement also suggests that he can be quick-tempered but has the ability to understand people around him, making him an effective leader.

4. Mars in Virgo: Mars, the lord of the eleventh house of income, is placed in the fourth house in Gates’ birth chart. This placement indicates a strong financial status, global success, leadership qualities, and property success.

5. Saturn in the Fifth House: Gates was born during his Saturn main period, which is exalted in the fifth house of mind and investments. This provided him with support and protection from his father and a strong foundation in life.

Astrological Predictions for Bill Gates

According to Vedic Astrology, Bill Gates was born at a very auspicious time, during the thirteenth waxing Moon “Uttarabhadrapada,” which directs the blessings of Lord Shiva, the God in charge of removing karma. People born during this time are likely to remove the suffering of others and donate much in charity rather than spending on themselves. This is evident in Gates’ philanthropic activities, as he donates a significant portion of his income to charity.

In 2020, Gates went through the period of Mercury, which lasted from December 11, 2019, to December 22, 2020. During this period, he might have faced some financial troubles or even gone into debt. However, the close conjunction of the fifth and ninth lords in the fifth house made him visionary, with a strong mental state, allowing him to accomplish any pending projects or tasks in 2020.

Overall, the analysis of Bill Gates’ birth chart reveals a strong foundation in intelligence, determination, and leadership qualities, which have contributed to his immense success in the business world and his philanthropic endeavors.