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Art and Culture of Udaipur

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Udaipur has a multitude of street art that showcases a mix of traditional Rajputana-style art and graffiti. The walls of the city, including those of the many palaces, havelis and temples around cast an array of beautiful prints in both old and recent iterations. One can find some of these artworks dating back centuries, like those adorning the magnificent interiors of some municipalities. To witness such breathtaking views is a breathless experience in itself! The best view perhaps is seen in Udaipur’s Old-City, where one can wonder at the stunning display of intricate artwork on every wall they come across.

Udaipur is home to a wide variety of stunning artwork, ranging from modern pieces created by visitors to the city to those designed by locals. Artwork is also part of the ‘Beautification’ program in Udaipur which serves to bring more life and vibrancy to its streets and neighborhoods. As you wander around the city, you will be met with beautiful creations made by local artisans; many are timeless traditional works that showcase ancient techniques, while others represent the ongoing maintenance and improvement of this magnificent city.

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Whether it be sculptures lining a boulevard or unique paintings perched atop the city walls, you can sense the creativity and beauty that surrounds Udaipur. Rajasthan is renowned for its one-of-kind style of painting and artwork that include murals and miniature paintings. Udaipur is the crown jewel when it comes these marvelous creations, with graffiti to traditional artworks all gracing the streets. The palaces, Havelis, buildings, and even sidewalks are adorned with such eye-catching art.

Everywhere you look across the city, there are a multitude of murals to admire – some recently painted, some with histories going back generations. The appeal of these street works can be taken even further as they often enrich the interiors of temples, palaces and other historical sights adored by many over the centuries. Udaipur’s old city is an absolute haven for art lovers, boasting an incredible variety of murals that will take your breath away.

Whether you are looking at the modern artwork created by travellers visiting Udaipur or pieces created by native urbanites, each one is unique and eye-catching. Some murals have been made as part of the city’s beautification process, leaving visitors in awe of the city’s vibrant colors, intricate patterns and impressive detail. Every wall serves as a canvas, telling stories through its mural work and captivating everyone who lays eyes on it.

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